You might be wondering: 
How can therapy ACTUALLY help me? What will I get from this sort of work?
Well, what is it that you truly want?

Out of yourself? Out of your relationships? Friendships? Job?

What is it that you truly want out of life?

If you’re like a billion other people, you might be worried about what’s happening for you right now, or what has happened in the past, and how that is going to affect your whole future. You just want to feel RELIEF. You want to feel like things are manageable and controllable, but still have fun and feel alive with spontaneity. In the pursuit of happiness and success, we can get lost in the daily grind and feel disconnected from what it is that we were born to do.

Working to dive deeper into the self most often helps people feel better by being able to finally come to an understanding of their own role in this lifetime. It also helps people to create understanding about the past, and gain clarity and feel excited about their future. I help you engage with your own life material and begin to realize that you get to create your future according to your soul's deepest desires, values, and strengths.
What my clients are saying:

“This is awesome. So Good.”

"I like that I feel that I walk away from every session with a tool or something to practice."

"I have grown so much in my time here thanks to you, it's incredible."

"You are the microphone to my soul!"

I am dedicated to the learning process, which means helping you learn  more deeply about yourself so that we can work together to find ways of living and relating to others that better serve you. 

It is absolutely possible for you to rekindle your passion and zest for life, and to experience less stress, worry, and depression. 

Whether you’re dealing with difficult people, fighting with your partner, or being challenged with major life transitions, you truly deserve effective help that can assist you to make your life the way you want it to be. Your desire for relief and lasting change can be your doorway, and I'm here to help you learn how to step through.
On a larger scale, or cosmic level, I am here in the service of your soul. I will always keep an intuitive ear on the deepest and truest parts of you that desperately want to be seen and heard; the voice of your own inner wisdom, or higher self, that is always trying to send you messages and guide you on your life path. 

You are here to emerge. 

You are here to grow, to learn, to love, and to live!  When we forget this, we lose touch with our passions, creativity, and source of inner stability. We may feel lost, alone, and disconnected. I can help guide you towards reconnection with yourself, your inner wisdom, and the innate zest for life that is available.
Some Benefits of Therapy
  • Learn how to manage stress and anxiety to feel more peaceful, calm, and present in life (ability to be “in the flow” and “go with the flow”)
  • Learn how to respond rather than to react
  • Develop social and interpersonal skills
  • Learn more effective ways to communicate
  • Understand your past experiences and resolve core wounds
  • Make decisions more easily
  • Increase self-confidence in intimate relationships, in social settings, and in ability to “handle” life’s curveballs
  • Feel more in-touch with your own magnificent self and others
  • Re-connect with your own innate inner wisdom and intuition
  • Feel aligned with your highest soul-purpose and truth
  • Feel satisfied and successful with where you’ve come from and where you’re going to
  • Create and experience more harmony and satisfaction in relationships
  • Feel deep acceptance and a renewed zest for the magic of life
A little about Transpersonal Therapy
Here's a great little piece about Transpersonal Therapy in a nutshell, by Richard Leider from The Power of Purpose

"Transpersonal Therapy focuses on the Whole or "True" Self.  Transpersonal psychotherapy draws it's methodology from the spiritual traditions of the world, including eastern philosophies such as Buddhism, the Yogic traditions of India, and Western Contemplative traditions, and integrates them with Contemporary Psychology.  This type of therapy focuses on the Spiritual aspects of the human experience.

Transpersonal Psychotherapy is concerned with a person's highest potential, and with the recognition, understanding, and realization of the Spiritual, deeper, more meaningful side of an individual.  Issues considered in transpersonal psychotherapy include spiritual development, peak experiences, mystical experiences, meditative and altered states of consciousness,  and other metaphysical experiences that one may have. This type of therapy focuses on existence beyond the ego or personality self and into the Spiritual Self. 

Transpersonal Psychotherapy is an approach to the Whole person. It is a holistic therapy, encompassing all levels of human experience.  With this therapy can come a balanced development of the intellectual, emotional, Spiritual, physical, and creative aspects of a person's life.  Transpersonal Psychotherapy uses primarily Spiritual inquiry and a focus on the mind-body connection to create transformation.  People may experience a deeper or wider sense of who they are, or a sense of greater connectedness with others, Nature, or a sense of Spirit with this type of therapy."