Women's Expressive Arts
Group Therapy

This therapy group is an opportunity for you to join a safe and confidential community that supports the blossoming of your best and shiniest self.

Fridays 12 - 1:45 pm

The group is currently closed for interviews for the session starting April 2019

Dates: Spring 2019 closed for enrollment
​April 12 - July 5
​(13 weeks)

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Working together, our paths become illuminated.
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Who this group is for

The Women’s Expressive Arts Therapy Group is for women of all ages who are looking to do meaningful self-work within a community of open-minded and caring people.

So many of us struggle to create and manifest what it is we truly want in life, whether it be a fulfilling relationship, career, healthy lifestyle, or finding our soul's purpose.

Most people simply want more feelings of joy, bliss, fulfillment, and a sense of mastery in their life. Perhaps you want to feel a deeply secure sense of abundance and trust. Maybe you just want to finally feel relief, and know that you are okay.

If this sounds like you, then read on...

A Little About Expressive Arts...

Expressive Arts Therapy uses the creative process to improve a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. In this group we use various art mediums and expressive modalities including collage, clay, paint, writing, movement, music, guided imagery, and meditation, to encourage the flourishing of your inherent creative abilities.​​

The conscious use of these tools assists you to explore your innermost thoughts and feelings–-deepening your self-understanding, and developing insight into your personality style and patterns of relating to the world.

I’ve been amazed, over and over again, at how sharing our inner experience through art greatly helps us to connect to other people, and to find newer and more authentic ways of relating, both to ourselves, and each other. I’ve witnessed awesome breakthroughs occur, and watched as members begin to feel more confident and able to make the positive changes that they weren’t sure were possible.

Magic starts to happen when multiple people dive into the non-linear process of creation, and begin to let their self-expression run free.

This next round is a wonderful opportunity to receive support and guidance for entering into the energies of spring time. It offers the opportunity to revisit and clarify your intentions for 2019, which can help create a renewed sense of direction on your own life path.

As a member, you'll have the opportunity to:
Develop interpersonal skills
Learn how to communicate
more openly and authentically
Learn how to create more connection
and joyfulness in relationships
Re-awaken your innate creative abilities
to catalyze your journey of personal transformation
Practice expressing feelings
and receiving feedback in the safety
of the group
Deepen your self-understanding and become more aligned with your truest, Essential Self
Make breakthroughs in your awareness, and clear out stuck energies
Engage in the healing power
of group process work
And much more!
Topics include but are not limited to:

Life transitions, relationships, communication issues, self-worth, self-expression, women’s issues, emotional regulation, anxiety, depression, connection/isolation, creativity, mindfulness, soul path, intuitive development and energetic protection.

Group Information
Dates: 2019
Spring Session: (13 weeks) Closed
April 12, 19, 26
May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
June 7, 14, 21, 28

​July 5
Fall Session: (13 weeks) Open for enrollment
Every Friday: ​12-1:45 pm
  • Led by Traci Uchida, LMFT #104474
  • Group meets once per week for 1 hour 45 minutes.
  • Cost is $50 per session, with 13-week commitment. 
  • There is a one-time $20 art supplies fee paid at the beginning.
  • Office is located in Oakland between Lake Merritt and Piedmont Ave.
  • No art experience necessary!
  • All ages over 21 welcome

*If you are a current mental health or counseling psychology student, ask me about scholarship discounts.

As we step out together on this journey, we’ll set the intention of empowering each other in our ability to create, in a fun and practical way.

So, no matter what it is that you’re seeking to work on, whether it’s Relationships, Anxiety, Depression, Self-Esteem, School or Career Path, or something else, I invite you to step in and join this exciting next session!

Life's journey is always better when we walk it together.

Additional Groups and Resources
If you happen to be interested in learning more, but for whatever reason are unable to join this women’s therapy group, you can head on over to Facebook to check out and join my group  Souls Ascending , that I co-lead with  Val Reznik . We host workshops and events in which we teach more in depth about spiritual practices, meditation, and the sacred Mayan calendar (The Dreamspell calendar), as well as the manifestation process that I share in this women's group.

Other therapy groups I recommend
If you’re looking for the right therapy group for you, I recommend checking out the groups offered at Axis Mundi Center for Mental Health  and  Grateful Heart Holistic Therapy Center , which have locations across the San Francisco and East Bay Areas.

I have had the privilege of learning, growing, and practicing alongside many of the therapists that run these groups. We all share a strong foundation of high quality clinical training that is artfully blended with warmth, kindness, and genuine compassion.